India vs Pakistan match was the center of attention in this year’s Cricket World Cup

India vs Pakistan match was the center of attention in this year's Cricket World Cup
In the wake of a controversial chapter during India’s match against Pakistan, former Australia captain Mark Taylor told Wide World Sports that his side should not profit from what would have been considered an inevitable dismissal.

After watching their archrivals India defeat them four wickets to take home the T20 World Cup 2022 on Sunday, some Pakistan fans are left scratching their heads at what they feel was an inaccurate umpiring decision in regards with 3rd ball of last over. The debate continues as ever about whether Indian batters had done anything wrong by running three consecutive offside fields before being bowled out

Mohammad Nawaz bowled a no ball off his fourth delivery and conceded free hit off next ball. He then threw wide, meaning that Virat Kohli got out despite being legally reaching third man position with bat at hip height when he was dismissed for 31 runs from 44 deliveries while playing aggressive shots towards field including two fours but it ricocheted after hitting stumps which surprised Pakistani captain Babar Azam who sought explanation about decision over running between both teams

Joining the debate, former Australia captain Mark Taylor told Wide World of Sports that Pakistan's batting side shouldn't profit from a scenario which would have normally resulted in their dismissal. He argued with what other teams have done by adding three extra runs before being dismissed means there should be no difference between them and India when it comes to rules surrounding this topic - despite both countries being at fault for an balls-up controversy last night!

"The laws of cricket state that if the ball hits one stumps you're gaining an unfair advantage. Firstly, in situations like what happened on Sunday night where there is no blade-like part to stop it from deflecting anywhere and secondly when trying run someone out all bails are already down so they have additional protection."

"I think if the batter is bowled or caught off their free hit, then you're not out but that ball should be dead. You've got an advantage of not being able to get another turn at bat because it would usually count as a dismissal."