Kohli and Hardik should take accountability for their mistakes

Kohli and Hardik should take accountability for their mistakes
The match was close until India lost two crucial Powerplay overs that put them 26 runs behind at one point during the game, but Babar Ali missed his first delivery after being given out and then bowled an extra ball when he had hit off stump. It's important we learn from our mistakes so they don't happen again in future matches

In the Super 12 match between India and Pakistan, former pacer Mohammad Amir analyzed how Babar Azam made two mistakes which led to his team's defeat. He pointed out one of these as being particularly costly in terms on where it occurred during an eventful clash that saw many nail-biters but no outright victories for either side until they won by 1 goal apiece after 90 minutes played!

Pakistan captain Babar Azam has been under fire despite the team making good progress under his leadership. The pacer finished as runners-up in this year's T20 World Cup and was also runner up for Asia cup last season, but since losing against Sri Lanka by margins of 3 runs everyone seems ready to point fingers at one if their premier batters from today’s cricket world

Salim Malik has called out Babar Azam for his poor leadership skills following Pakistan's four-wicket defeat against India at the T20 World Cup in Melbourne on Sunday. The former captain noted that if it were not for some "exceptional" bowling from Mohammad Amir, then there would have been no chance left within reach as they lost by 14 runs with only two balls spare time remaining on their side after being gloomily placed 26/5 once again early into Dreamilsery opener.

Indians batting against Nawaz was impressive, but their shots wouldn't have been as big on an off-speed bowler like Shaheen. The only thing you wanted at that point in time is just one wicket and if either Pandya or Kohli got out then there's a chance for victory!

When it became clear that India needed 48 runs in the final three overs, Babar handed the ball off to Shaheen who only granted 17 total deliveries before giving up his wicket. With just 31 left on our plate we were already behind by 13!